Overview Edit

The Reformed States of America, more commonly referred as the United States of America (USA) is a federal constitutional republic composed of 5 city-states and a constantly changing amount of regular states. Located in the Midwestern region of North America, the capital of the USA was founded in 2015. The capital city of Queensland is a major cultural, political, and religious center. The United States fought and won the Endless War against the Hoffman Empire for control of North America. Afterwards, it expanded rapidly over 4000 years to form a global hegemony over the entire human race.

Etymology Edit

The Reformed States of America received its name when the Kankakee Republic and the Northland Authority merged in 2026 ADC with the goal to regain control of all of the land that the former United States once controlled. The official use of the word of "Reformed" was meant in the capacity of re-forming an old union as well as major overhauls to the government structure. For all intents and purposes, the laymen use the "United States" while the "Reformed States" are used in an official capacity.

History Edit

First Flag of the New United States

The official flag of the Kankakee Republic flown from 2018-2026 ADC

The Consolidation Period (2015-2035) Edit

Over the twenty-year period after the fall of the Old United States during a massive epidemic that decimated the population, settlements and old world towns grew and competed for resources and land in constant warfare known now as the Consolidation Period because one nation, Queensland, turned Kankakee Republic, turned Reformed States of America, quickly expanded and either annexed or conquered neighboring settlements and city states. Using ten generals to accomplish this, the RSA cemented their regional power during this time. The only other surviving nation, the Free State of Kennedy mainly because they were too insignificant, too well defended, and allied themselves with the RSA. The Great Chicago Arson officially marked the end of the Period as the last major holdout fell and power was further consolidated under the Queen Victoria Corona the use of force and coercion to achieve this goal earned her the title: Queen of Daggers. The only independent state remaining other than the RSA is the Free State of Kennedy, which secured independence by the Queen's favoritism.  

The Expansion Period (2035-2100) Edit

The Endless War (2015-2201) Edit

The Cook State Coup D'Etat (2135-2155) Edit

Propaganda (2)

Resistance propaganda on a back alley in New Chicago (Queensland)

Many believed that Queen Victoria was killed in the military coup d'etat that saw the rise of the dictator General Adam Cook. He consolidated all power in his executive office of Supreme Leader and immediately dissolved all chambers of government, including congress, the courts, and state governments. Instead of killing the queen and her closest allies, he had them banished to a deserted island on the other side of the world.

Over 18 years of draconian rule, police state tactics, propaganda, and suppressed religion and free speech, the people grew restless for freedom they once known before. People met in basements under the mask of the dark nights, and many people retreated to the countryside.

Against all odds the queen and her compatriots made it off that island after ten years of being marooned. They spend the next 8 years traveling back to their former country in hopes of taking it back. Along the way, they raised an army and began to work with the underground resistance to plan a coup.

Images of the queen wearing native garb (symbols of her heritage and resistance) started to appear all over the country. Unrest grew as the queen's army came closer and closer to the capital, until riots broke out in the street as the army was right outside the city gates. The majority of the defenders gave up and opened the gates. Guarding the capitol building was the last line of defense of the party members who saw massive benefits under General Cook's system. They shot randomly into the crowd of civilians now running away. Using a megaphone, the queen persuaded the captain of guard to surrender. The capitol building was stormed by angry rioters and the queen's army to find the dictator before he could escape.

Before he could be properly apprehended by the army, the dictator was found by the angry mob and ruthlessly killed. His body was dragged through the streets and hung from a flagpole before the army could get a hold of it. And with the death of the dictator, the queen regained her throne and immediately brought back her old rule of law.

International Expansion Period (2163-4000) Edit

The Final Hoffman War (2202-3001) Edit


The American Age (4000-6500?) Edit

United Humanity Day (END OF AMERICAN AGE) Edit

Order Collapse Period Edit

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