The Free State of Kennedy

University of Kennedy, Woodclyffe

Department of Transcripts and Testimonies

1 November 7000 ADC


**People murmur in the crowd**

JUNIOR MAGISTRATE: Let’s begin this special session of the FSK Town hall with the Founder’s Pledge! **reads into microphone with the whole crowd** I pledge my sacred honor to the Free State of Kennedy, one country, of the people, by the people, and for the people. As a citizen I will uphold the constitution and the 8 pillars of democracy as I do my best to make my voice heard. May democracy never die.

JUNIOR MAGISTRATE: Moderating this town hall meeting are the Honorable Chancellor Quinn Prophet, and the Honorable Chief Magistrate Franklin Kennedy. **mix of applause and boos**

CHANCELLOR: With the power vested in me as the head of the FSK University system, I have called a special town hall session today, Wednesday November 1st, 7000 ADC. The one and only thesis on the agenda for today is Chief of Police Edward Stratton’s Thesis for a declaration of war against the King’s Armies who have invaded our ally, the Western Union. As this matter is a war power, it will need a 3/5 official vote to pass. Please remember to follow the rules of debate, if more than three are broken you will be removed from the podium. **Gavels** I will now open the floor to Chief Stratton to propose his legislation, you are given a time limit of 20 minutes.

STRATTON: Thank you, Chancellor. Let me be brief with you, we do not have much time before the Western Union’s problem becomes our own problem. According to our sources within the Western Union, the Mad King has plans of invading at least as far as the city of Queensland, which we all know is just east of here. If his armies could capitulate the entirety of the Western Union’s million-man army in less than a week, there is no saying what havoc they could set loose here if we aren’t ready for it. If I could ask the Chancellor if I could bring a witness to the podium?

CHANCELLOR: I don’t see why not.

WESTERN UNION MESSENGER: Uh, hello. I am Private John Hamilton of the 1st Trojan Army of the Western Union, sent here under direct orders of General Tyler Bourdains to ask for your assistance. We have already sent messengers to Queensland and Asteriskia and they will pledge their support as long as the Free State does as well. If we don’t stop the Mad King in the Western Union, we’re going to have to stop him on your doorstep. Thank you.

STRATTON: As you can see, they are in dire need of our assistance. According to the Lincoln Atlas, we founded the Western Union as a buffer state from the unknowns of the far west. We founded it so we did not have to fight a war here in our homes, but removed from our homeland. If we let that proverbial wall collapse, we will be left open to attack from the west. I rest my case, Chancellor, we need action now.

CHANCELLOR: Thank you, Chief. Now we will open up the floor to debate. Those who have written their names on the support list and those on the oppose list please come forward to testify. First up we have Founder Emerson of House King. You are given a time of 5 minutes.

KING: I oppose this thesis on the grounds of Humanity, your Honor. Just look at me. The last war we fought decimated my entire house. I am the sole survivor of House King, with no chance of furthering my name, uh because **someone shouts from the crowd** YOU’VE GOT NO BALLS.

Crowd erupts into laughter and boos and shushes.

KING (obviously annoyed): I do believe that it is my turn to speak, asshole in the back!


KING: Oh shut it. Just look at what the horrors of war can do to you **lifts eye patch, removes fake arm** crowd gasps.


KING: Why the fuck was that a violation?

CHIEF MAGISTRATE: Violation. Remove him from the podium. **FSKDF position to remove King** Crowd boos.

CHANCELLOR: Mr. King you broke the vulgarity clause twice and appealed solely to emotions, which is a violation.

KING: Fuck you! I got my arm cut off for this? This is not in the founding documents! I fucking helped write the damn Constitution—MIC cut scuffles off stage.

CHANCELLOR: Next up is an Ash Linden? Present yourself. You have 5 minutes.

ASH (7 years old, needs a stool to reach microphone): I think we should go to war because we will die otherwise. Thank you. **mix of applause and boos**

CHANCELLOR: Next up is Leah Brighton, it does not seem you have ever spoken at a town meeting before, you are given 5 minutes:

LEAH: Thank you Chancellor, it is against my religious beliefs to get involved in petty politics, but a matter of war is in no means petty. I will try to articulate what my friend Mr. King was trying to say in a more academic manner: the infamous UK Woodclyffe study number 2147.04.13A states that we as a species have become biologically immortal, yet we still kill each other. As per this I will denounce all conflict on principle that we can all have eternal life if we so please. If what Chief Stratton said about the enemy’s numbers are true, we stand no statistical chance of defeating them. The total forces of the Tri-Star Alliance hovers only at around a million troops, many of whom are poorly trained and haven’t seen a lick of combat. We stand a better chance trying to negotiate a peace with the Mad King than we have of defeating him.

STRATTON: Chancellor, I was addressed in this testimony, can I have a chance to respond?

CHANCELLOR: Yes, you have 5 minutes.

STRATTON: Ah yes, the Saint Leah Brighton. Speaking for the trees again, I presume? Let me ask you this, do you know why they call him the “Mad King?”

LEAH: No sir, I do not. And I do not really care for this. I just—

STRATTON: Ms. Brighton you always have to know your enemy before thinking about going to war. King Jacob Corona is on a tirade through the entire continent to stop at nothing to retake the city of his birth. He is a tyrant: for God’s sake, he created his own language so his subjects could not be enlightened by English texts. When he invaded the city of Union in Asteria of the Western Union, he massacred all of the Kennedians in our embassy. We already have grounds for war.

CHIEF MAGISTRATE: Can you back up these claims? Otherwise it will be a violation.

UNION MESSENGER: Yes, I can attest that when the invading army went through Union on their way East, they sacked the Kennedian Embassy along with the Ministry of Reunification. This is according to official Union military battle reports as our army was routed from the city. **Hands documents to the Magistrate**

CHIEF MAGISTRATE: Very well, proceed with your defense.

STRATTON: Ms. Brighton, has it occurred to you that if we don’t fight them, the Mad King will simply do the same thing to us as he did to them?

LEAH: That is why we need to negotiate.

STRATTON: The Department of Psychology did a study years back that stated the most surefire way to see what a person will do in the future is by their record alone. The Mad King has already destroyed most of the Western Union without provocation. He will do the same here.

LEAH: If I am not mistaken, we call it the FSKDF, or the Free State of Kennedy Defense Force, not the attack force. Your job is to protect us at home, not invade other countries.

STRATTON: Sometimes the best defense is an offense, Leah. You and me both would rather fight the enemy hundreds of miles away so you don’t have to have the stink of war ruin your little forest refuge.

LEAH: I would rather not fight at all.

STRATTON: You do have to realize that if we do not fight them now, this king will burn this city to the ground. If we do not give it a try, then we will already have failed. The Free State is the purveyor of freedom and democracy on the continent, and right now a tyrant is threatening to take that away from us. What is the point of living if you cannot live a free life? **murmurs and gasps from the crowd**

LEAH: Alright Chief, you haven’t convinced me but I can tell many of us have been swayed. My only condition for me to stop being so outspoken is that we need an amendment now.

CHANCELLOR: Am I hearing this right? Ms. Brighton you want to call for an amendment to be added to a declaration of war?

LEAH: Yes.

CHANCELLOR: What is it?

LEAH: I have noticed several families have been granted monopolies on defense contracting, and I believe that to be morally wrong. People should not profit off of warfare.

CHANCELLOR: Can you be more specific with this? Otherwise that would be a violation.

LEAH: House Kennedy was given a monopoly on military uniforms by vote in 5673 ADC, House Stratton was given a monopoly on sword and shield manufacturing by vote in 6152 ADC, and the Pine family has been given exclusive rights to making military rations and other military items by vote in 6597 ADC. I believe as a democratic and just society that no families should directly benefit from going to war. **mix of applause and boos** I call for the nationalization of all of the industries relating to warfare as an amendment to this thesis.

CHANCELLOR: Do we have a second? **Crowd yells**

JUNIOR MAGISTRATE: Founding houses, we will perform a preliminary voice vote to gauge whether or not this needs to extend to the whole floor.

JUNIOR MAGISTRATE: House Kennedy, what say you?

KENNEDY PATRIARCH: House Kennedy votes no on this stupid amendment.

JUNIOR MAGISTRATE: House Woodman, what say you?

WOODMAN PATRIARCH: House Woodman votes yes on the amendment.

JUNIOR MAGISTRATE: House Johnson, what say you?

JOHNSON PATRIARCH: House Johnson votes yes on the amendment.

JUNIOR MAGISTRATE: House Stratton, what say you?

STRATTON PATRIARCH: We will vote no, thank you.

JUNIOR MAGISTRATE: House Lincoln, what say you?

LINCOLN PATRIARCH: House Lincoln votes yes on the amendment.

JUNIOR MAGISTRATE: House Li, what say you?

LI PATRIARCH: House Li votes no on the amendment.

JUNIOR MAGISTRATE: House Brighton, what say you?

BRIGHTON PATRIARCH: House Brighton obviously votes yes on the amendment.

JUNIOR MAGISTRATE: House King, what say you?

EMERSON KING: Fuck you. **Being held down by a guard**

JUNIOR MAGISTRATE: According to the demographics of the major houses, it is too close to call. We need to have a motion vote.

CHANCELLOR: Alright, all those opposed to the amendment move to the Eastern side of the Commons. All of those in favor, move to the Western side. **crowd murmurs, fights break out, people move**

CHIEF MAGISTRATE: It looks like we have a clear majority in favor of the amendment, therefore the amendment now has been added to the thesis. **mixed boos and applause**

CHANCELLOR: If there is no one else up to speak, I will officially send this thesis for a full vote in the Founder’s Circle. Chief Magistrate Kennedy, can you please read off the final thesis to be voted on?

CHIEF MAGISTRATE: **reading off paper** “We the People of the Free State of Kennedy declare war upon King Jacob Corona, his armies, and his sympathizers, for invading our ally of the Western Union of Merchant Republics, sacking a Kennedian Embassy, Killing Kennedian citizens, and threatening total war upon the Tri-Star Alliance. Addendum: all defense industries are to be nationalized at once.” **mix of applause, boos, and cheers**

CHANCELLOR: Everyone, get your voting tokens out and proceed to the Founder’s Circle to cast your vote. **gavels**

**People file in and vote, writing their reasons in a book on the way out. Emerson voted yes, “fuck it” was his reasoning. Leah voted no, “religious reasons” was hers. At the end of the voting, the 3/5 threshold was crossed by one vote, and the thesis was passed.**

CHANCELLOR: The voting has ended with a live count, with 16490 votes for, and 10993 against. If my math is correct, the measure passes by a single vote! **mixed boos, yelling, fighting, cheers** As the facilitator of this town hall meeting, I declare that the people have spoken! **gavels** Chief Stratton, do you have anything to say?

STRATTON: War, so be it. For the peoples of democracy shall always triumph over the forces of tyranny no matter the odds. Freedom is boundless while slavery is temporary. We shall unite for victory over this despot—and we shall strive for no less! **crowd cheers**

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